About Us

Giant Tourism is one of the well-known travel and tourism agents on the island of Lombok, this agent has been established since 2003 under the auspices of UD. GIANT BROTHERS, but in 2017, on July 7 2017, gianttourism tour and travel decided to create their own office and run an independent travel business.

Since its inception, gianttourism has provided services for private guests from foreign countries, whether guests from cruise ships or guests who come alone and stay for a long period of time on the island of Lombok.

In 2003 before changing the name to giant tourism, we didn’t have a specific name because we only served guests we already knew, but after 2017 when we decided to be independent we decided to name it gianttourism and decided to start developing by accepting guests who want to visit Indonesia, especially the islands of Lombok and Bali as a whole, for those who need a travel agent.

As a travel agent who has had quite a long experience, we always prioritize customer satisfaction and happiness, therefore we support all this by always providing and facilitating customers with drivers and tour guides who are friendly and good at speaking English as well as good vehicles, good location. according to customer wishes or recommended locations that can satisfy customer visits. And we always prepare emergency numbers if there are problems or something else that requires medical personnel, etc. so that we can respond quickly.

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